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Haumana - Tahiti Cruises

Your Barefoot Chic Adventure
in Rangiroa ...

Haumana - Tahiti Cruises
The Haumana has stopped to the "cabin operation" and is now doing only charter and groups cruises. For more informations:

Haumana Cruises : your Polynesian cruising experience in the Tuamotus


Less than one hour from Tahiti, lies the beautiful atoll of Rangiroa, which means "Immense Sky".
Nestled in the Tuamotu Archipelago, this chain of emerald islets, secluded pink and white sand beaches and turquoise lagoon is the base to the "Haumana" catamaran.
In this pristine environment, Haumana Cruises offers a unique style of cruising, off-the-beaten paths, in a true and authentic Polynesian atmosphere, the comfort and intimacy of a 12-cabins catamaran.

With Haumana Cruises, enjoy life at your own pace, leave away the hustle and bustle of your daily life and dive into a world of peace and tranquility, surrounded by the paradise colours of Rangiroa, simply the "Polynesian art de vivre" ...
Get acquainted with the local population, learn about their culture and traditions and all what makes Tahiti and her islands so special, so unique, so mythical ...
The Haumana experience is ideal for beach and nature lovers, snorkeling fans, fishing enthusiasts.


Bonefish discovered in Rangiroa by Haumana Cruises

Fishing and Fly Fishing in the Tuamotu, French Polynesia


Haumana cruises in Rangiroa are saltwater fishing and especially Bonefish focused but you can bring the family, the staff will take care of them as there are many activities while on board the Haumana. The favorite fish of fly-fishers are plentiful and never-ending schools of bonefish, many varieties of jack, trevally, barracuda, milkfish and many other species. Over 450 different species of fish have been documented in Rangiroa's lagoon. The Haumana is fully equipped to offer many different types of fishing to fans of the sport.

Rangiroa, is a vast sea aquarium, offering fly anglers a well-stocked and preserved fishing environment with the guarantee of great catches.

Haumana Fishing and fly fishing cruise - Tahiti Cruises

Your voyage with Haumana Cruises will be the opportunity to discover the different fishing techniques and methods that the locals master with unrivalled skills. The very talented and proven team on the Haumana will take you to the hidden Bonefish flats, this activity is included in the Haumana Cruise price and there is no extra charge.

In the Tuamotu islands, where life essentially revolves around the sea, fishing and its associated resources are the main daily activities of the inhabitants, the "paumotu". Perpetuating a long ancestral tradition, many "paumotu" still live essentially from this.

Fishing charters are available upon request. Click here !

Haumana - Tahiti Cruises



Fishing & Fly Fishing


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Haumana - Tahiti Cruises - Restaurant




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12 comfortable and well-appointed cabins ... More

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Honeymoon Special


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The Yacht


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Haumana - Tahiti Cruises



The Haumana Special Picnics


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Surfing with Haumana Cruises


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Haumana - Tahiti Cruises - Diving


Diving with Haumana Cruises


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Haumana - Tahiti Cruises
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